Dalai Lama mural used as cover image for Tibetan singer’s debut single album

The Dalai Lama mural that was created by Antonopoulos to celebrate the 80th birthday of Tibet’s spiritual leader has been used as the official cover image of Ngawang Lodup’s debut single album. Tibetan singer Ngawang Lodup is one of UK’s most emerging artists. His single ”Gratitude” has been launched on a limited number of audio tapes on the 17th of October 2015.

Curation of 9th Art Wave group show

After 2 years of establishing 9th Art Wave, a conceptual art collaborative, Antonopoulos curated (and participated as an artist) Contemporary Times, the group exhibition in Metamatic:taf Gallery in Athens from the 24th of September till the 18th of October 2015. A limited edition (100 copies) catalogue has been launched. For more info press here.

With the Support of the Norwegian Embassy and the Norwegian Institute at Athens.

Art project for Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday

His Holiness Dalai Lama will be 80 years old on the 6th of July 2015. Antonopoulos, in cooperation with Tibet Society in London, lead a number of art projects to celebrate his birthday and bring more awareness in the Tibetan issue. Projects include a big mural in selected location, limited edition of screenprints, events in music festivals in UK, etc.

The mural was painted on the 12th of May 2015. For more info press here.

New signature on selected artworks (since September 2014)

stamp10Antonopoulos has decided to change the way he signs his art, by creating a special stamp. The stamp depicts the Kid, from the Charlie Chaplin movie, having his face covered and holding a spray can. The initials of the artist are surrounding him. The new signature will be used in selected artworks.

”The Kid is a character who purely combines innocence and illegality. It depicts the nature of the human being which have been so violently transformed in our era”

Caution III limited print donation to the city of Jodhpur in India 

A print of the limited edition of 5/I Caution III has been donated to a local business in the Rajasthan city of Jodhpur in Northwest India.

Namaste print donated to Students for Free Tibet offices in India

Since summer of 2014, Antonopoulos has started a cooperation with a number of organizations dealing with the Tibetan issue, in order to bring awareness of Tibet’s oppression by the Chinese Government. As part of it, he donated limited edition of 1 giclee print of his work Namaste to the Students for a Free Tibet offices in Dharamsala, India.