In Celtic mythology, the boundaries of the mortal world were marked by the 9th wave. Beyond the 9th wave is the Otherworld, where magic happens, where the soul journeys. Panos Antonopoulos is the founder of 9th Art Wave collaborative, a group of artists sharing the same philosophy on contemporary art. Our art shares the pure conceptual approach along with strong sociopolitical aspect.  Contemporary art is an over saturated term, which is used easier than it should and has been violently altered nowadays.

Beyond our 9th wave, we want to re-define contemporary art and we will do it by believing that

Contemporary art cannot be bound to an artistic action based only on the time frame it was created.

Contemporary art is not a craft, based only on the medium and the technique.

Contemporary art does not have a conventional product value, because it is a unique ‘’product’’ itself.

Contemporary art contains message.

Contemporary art’s impact shall not end in front of the visual field but it should be expanded in the cerebral one.

Contemporary art should not only follow the blast evolution of the society but it has the integral duty to take it one step beyond.

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