Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, Panos is a self-taught emerging artist and curator. Originally being an engineer, he transformed himself into a conceptual artist after gathering artistic experiences in London, Barcelona and Paris where he has lived. Although he considers himself a self-taught artist, he has made photography and paintings courses in private art studios in London to develop […]

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Artist Statement

Opposed to any kind of stereotype and, influenced by Stirner’s individualistic theory, my main inspiration is the untouched institution of society, as built today, and the variety of structures it can take as a form of either a necessary co-existence or as a ”free choice”. My intention is to move the spectator beyond the conventional way […]

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Tibetan Singer uses Panos’ work as cover image for his debut single album – October 2015 The image of Panos’ Dalai Lama mural has been used as the official cover image of Ngawang Lodup’s debut single ”Gratitude” . Tibetan singer Ngawang Lodup is one of UK’s most emerging artists. The cassette was launched on the 17th of October   […]

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