Opposed to any kind of stereotype and, influenced by Stirner’s individualistic theory, my main inspiration is the untouched institution of society, as built today, and the variety of structures it can take as a form of either a necessary co-existence or as a ”free choice”. My intention is to move the spectator beyond the conventional way of approaching the reality and its consequences. My art challenges a number of social forms, creating either provoking or philosophical and more imaginative pieces. As part of the conceptual approach of my work, each piece is different, both in execution and concept.

Art has radically changed. Technology, installations, videos have violently entered the game. It is sad to see art in the same form as it was done decades ago.

I consider contemporary art as a mean to evoke than to portray. It should be aggressive and provocative no matter the structure and subject. It has no limits. Contemporary art has an integral duty to be unwanted to any form of power. Creating art is a way of attacking to anything that bothers us.